Is it possible to freeze wine for future use?

  • Is it possible to freeze wine for future use? AttilaNYC

    I wanted to freeze some leftover wine (about half a bottle) to use for cooking at a later date.

    • Will it keep at all?
    • Are there any special ways to freeze it?
    • Would freezing it in the bottle be safe?
    • Should it be defrosted first before using, or can I use it straight out of the freezer?

  • I tried freezing leftover wine many years ago, and it does work. You can just freeze it in the original bottle.

    The flavors are somewhat muted compared to the same wine unfrozen. Not recommended for drinking the wine, but it is acceptable for cooking purposes.

  • Be aware that freezing it in the bottle may break it, it's because the frozen water increases its volume when becomes ice

  • I have tried this, but not in a bottle, only in icecube containers. They are ok for putting in something like gravy or a bolognaise but I wouldn't use it in anything where wine is a main ingredient, like Coq au Vin.

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