How can I make the best use of chocolate peppers?

  • How can I make the best use of chocolate peppers? mfg

    One grower at the farmer's market in the alley near my work recently started selling a crop of chocolate peppers. I've had some moderate success using them as an ingredient, but am looking for tips on additional uses for them; particularly in how to make them more expressive of their flavor (i.e. is it particularly important to roast them before use, etc).

    (If you're unfamiliar with these, they are poblano-ish looking peppers with a purple-ish color to them; they have a subtle, sumptuous chocolate-y profile and pair very well with very hot peppers.)

    For example, I have made Chile Rellenos with them and they were very good; but recently I tried to incorporate them into a simple rice and eggplant dish and they didn't flavor the dish very well at all. I'm wondering if pre-roasting them ahead of time might have made them a better ingredient or if perhaps some other technique could have made them more worth including.

    What sorts of preparation techniques or ingredient combinations would best utilize this unique ingredient and help enhance its flavor?

  • In general, you can roast peppers to develop a richer flavor. Then skin the pepper and you can use it for salsas, sauces, or just slice/dice it up for a sandwich.

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