What to do when curdling occurs?

  • What to do when curdling occurs? dassouki

    Are there any methods available to "fix" a sauce that has curdled?

    Or, if I can't fix the curdling, is there any way to still use the sauce? What can I do with it?

  • If you're making a sauce that isn't supposed to curdle, and it does, you throw it out and start over.

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  • Some sauces are more at risk to curdle than others. What exactly (ingredients, techniques, temperature...) causes this curdling? What can you do to have the curdling risk at minimum? I'm not asking for ways to fix this, that's already asked here.

  • I made turkish delight ice cream but the bits of commercial sugar coated turkish delight I folded through were rock hard when frozen and a possible problem for unsuspecting guests. So, I was wanting a solution and thought maybe making a thick sauce or a much softer turkish delight may be the answer and folding that through after churning. Any advice on how to fix this please.

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  • I just made my very first attempt at a hollandaise sauce, which of course broke. The funny thing is, the sauce was perfect, and was finished. However, it was really, REALLY bland. So, to add some flavor as I've seen several other chefs demonstrate, I attempted to stir in spices (a little salt, a little chili powder, a little black pepper). As soon as the spices hit the sauce it instantly broke. Sadly I am now out of eggs and butter, so there's no way I can salvage it. Down the sink it went. So, what happened? What did I do wrong? Any help would be appreciated - it has to be something

  • following the recipe. The result was a crumbly cheese that wasn't very spreadable. I used milk from a local farm, it did not have any indication of how pasturized it was. What did I do wrong? Should I have...I tried to make goat cheese following the recipe below, I did not use any buttermilk although a comment indicated that could be done. I kept the milk at the desired temperature for 10-15 minutes with no curdling occuring, took off the stove then added the reccomeneded amount of lemon juice and still no curdling occured. http://guiltykitchen.com/2010/12/06/back-to-basics-culinary-fundamentals

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