how to stretch white chocolate to make truffles?

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  • how to stretch white chocolate to make truffles? Lysine Nation

    I have several bars of real white chocolate. The ingredients on the chocolate bars are, in the following order: Sugar, cocoa butter, milk, soy lecithin, vanilla

    There is no veg-oil listed in the ingredients (just so you know it's real chocolate)

    If I want to stretch the white chocolate, such as for making nutty or fruity truffles (or whatever), can I safely add something like this:

    1 c. sugar

    1 c. margarine (or 1/2 marg 1/2 oil)

    (and maybe some water for added moisture)

    My main priority is: Would the white chocolate harden enough?

    Please understand, it's not just because of wanting to stretch it, but also because I want softer, more luscious truffles, rather than just the firm, fatty white-chocolate.

  • More cream in your ganache will make a softer filling. You will need to experiment with the ratios to find the ideal consistency. You may not want to add sugar or margine to your your filling ganache, that is fairly unusual.

    If you are speaking of the coating for the truffles, or truffles without a coating, you really don't want to make them softer, because they simply will not be structurally strong enough.

    Note that if your ganache is quite soft, you may want to chill (or even partially freeze) it before dipping, so that it firmer and you can work with it. Assuming you are coating with true temperate chocolate, then the chocolate will harden even if at room temperature, the filling is quite soft.

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