How do you safely bottle or "can" bbq meat drippings?

  • How do you safely bottle or "can" bbq meat drippings? user15455

    I want to bottle (and store) about 16 oz of barbcue drippings I captured from cooking brisket.

    Do I have to use the "pressure canning" method to can the drippings, or can I just bottle it using the boiling water bath method?

    I would prefer the latter. But either way, do I need to add citric acid to make it safe? And if so, how do I know how much to use?

  • Because meat stock is low-acid you're going to need to use a pressure canner. Follow the pressure and times indicated in a reliable guide such as this one from the Montana State Extension

    You won't need to add acid to make it safe.(edit)

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