Cuisinart 12 cup coffee maker - How many grams of ground coffee to make a full strong drip pot?

Kieran Patrick McGough
  • Cuisinart 12 cup coffee maker - How many grams of ground coffee to make a full strong drip pot? Kieran Patrick McGough

    I just bought a fancy Cuisinart 12 cup machine and some fairly pricey freshly ground coffee.

    The machine came with a scoop that is equal to 5 g (1 tsp). The machine advises not to use more than 15 scoops. 75 g (2 ⅔ oz) is a dangerous amount for some reason, probably overflowing or clogging the filter basket.

    Anyway, how many scoops of coffee would you recommend to make a full 12 pot?

  • Normally retailers estimate between 7g and 8g per cup for normal coffee. Try 8g and work your way up. So 12*8=96g for starters.

    You might find this article by Harold McGee interesting.

    When I dropped the strength close to Mr. Hoffmann’s preferred 1.5 percent by using a third less ground coffee (about 12 grams of coffee to 180 grams, or 6 fluid ounces, of water), the fruity aroma was much more evident, and the flavor generally brighter and more lively. Clarity is a good word for the overall impression.

    Edit: Note that I'm talking about espresso cups that are 60ml as opposed to McGee's 180ml cups. Multiply the amount of coffee for the amount of water you are actually using.

  • I worked as a coffee roaster for a number of years and met a lot of people. There is a lot of variation to this answer.

    What I found works the best is 10-11 g of coffee per 6 oz cup, or 180 mL, so 12 cup maker would be 120 g. Also, the coffee should always be ground to suit the particulars of the brewing method.

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