Baking a cake in a microwave

  • Baking a cake in a microwave Esha

    I generally bake cakes in a microwave (because I don't have an oven) and all of them have a spongy texture. Is there any non-oven method where my cake has a little bakery style cake like structure?

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    I would like to make my own mix for "mug cake" -- that is to say, prepackaged instant cake mix you dump into a mug, add liquid, and microwave. Is there anything special about mug cake that makes it cook in the microwave better? Will ordinary box cake scaled down work? I'll want to make my own mix. Is there anything about boxed cake mix that's special beyond just sifting dry ingredients together, maybe throwing in some powdered milk so I don't have to use milk as my liquid? And can I do anything about requiring eggs -- for example, using some kind of powdered egg? Are there any types

  • out this may be something of an inadvertent trick question. I have yet to test this but I get the idea that store-bought white cake and yellow cake batter powders both have a more similar cake...We recently made a cobbler by adding oil, water, and powdered yellow cake mix (from a box) on top of sugary fruit filling and it came of the oven crispy and delicious with that distinctive yellow... possibility is that yellow cake batter mixes might have artificial butter flavoring whereas white cakes simply use vegetable oil for a lighter flavor.

  • in the microwave. Basic tasks, not replacing a kitchen - generally, "I want to cook X, and I have a stove, an oven, and a microwave. Could I just as easily do it in the microwave as anything else?" ...We've got a lot of questions about specific microwave cooking here - for example, "can I cook hamburgers in the microwave oven?" But rather than asking about specific foods, I would like to see some more general guidelines or widely applicable advice. If I want to prepare a recipe or just cook a single item, how can I predict how it will turn out if I nuke it in the microwave instead of doing

  • , the chicken was pretty tepid. I resorted to putting them in the microwave oven under plastic wrap for 1 min and they were fine. This raises two questions for me: What did I miss out on by using the microwave in the end instead of sticking to the oven? How should I have heated these up in the oven instead of what I did? I worry about overcooking or burning the food. ...I recently made some pan-fried chicken breast halves. When I wanted to reheat the leftovers I tried to do it in the conventional oven instead of the microwave oven as usual. Following some

  • We have prepared the eggless cupcake with condensed milk. We have used convection mode in microwave. Preheated to 200C and then baked the cake for 10 mins. It started off nicely, but at 10th min, we got the charred cake. What could be the problem with this?

  • I want to buy a convection microwave oven. I plan to buy either from LG or from samsung .Almost all LG products have stainless steel cavity and Samsung comes with ceramic enamel cavity. What is the difference between stainless steel vs ceramic enamel in terms of: Durability Ease of cleaning

  • I have a cake tin (the sprung false bottom type) which, although the bottom seems to fit quite well, has started to leak when I pour cake mixture into it. Is there anything I can do to rescue the tin and stop it from leaking, or should I just bin it and get a new one?

  • I don't have a metal cake pan. I bake my normal cakes and cake layers in a pan with a glass bottom and silicone walls, and cakes which can be expected to leak in a porcelain quiche pan. Sadly, my oven has a hot corner. If I don't turn my cake around during the baking, one corner is going to be overbaked or even burn. So I have to turn it while in the oven. But the bottoms of my pans don't slide... for that, but squishy, and it wiggles under my fingers. The porcelain rim is so low, the cake layer reaches it, and even rises above it. So I have to squish part of the cake. It gets worse because

  • I'm just starting to learn to bake. I have a convection microwave oven and I've read at a lot of places that a convection microwave can be used for baking. But, everytime I bake something, it gets baked unevenly. I have never baked in anything but my own convection microwave oven. So, I don't know that the uneven baking is due to the oven or not. If anybody has ever faced a similar problem and has a fix for it, please reply. Could it be because of rotation inside the oven? Thanks.

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