Why do my Eisenhower Cookies turn out flat?

brooke gritch
  • Why do my Eisenhower Cookies turn out flat? brooke gritch

    This was my mother's recipe that my sisters and I have made several years. They use to work now they go flat. We are going nuts trying to figure out why. Any suggestion would be welcomed.

    Eisenhower Cookies (really a ginger spice cookie)

    2 cubes of margarine
    1 cup and 3 tbsp sugar
    1 well beaten egg
    2 cups of flour (after sifting)
    1 tsp cinammon
    1 tsp ginger
    2 tsp of baking soda
    2 small pinch of salt
    4 tbsp of yellow label molasses

    Make into balls, roll in sugar, bake at 350 for about 10 minutes, depending on oven.

  • Have you tried using fresh baking soda? I really don't see anything else that could be off here, especially if the recipe has worked well in the past.

  • Over time ingredients change, equipment changes, etc. Your flour could get too moist, your molasses could have more water content, etc. Some suggestions:

    • Use fresh dry ingredients
    • Put your dough in the fridge to cool before you bake
    • Give it a stiffer consistency by adding a tablespoon or two more flour. A little bit more isn't going to change the flavor noticeably
      • Raise the oven temperature a bit, lowering it will just make them run more before they set

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