How long will double cream stay whipped?

Nick Hawes
  • How long will double cream stay whipped? Nick Hawes

    I'd like to prepare some whipped double cream in advance for a dessert I'm making. How long will the cream stay whipped (i.e. peaky) if I do it in advance?

  • If you whisk very cold cream in a very cold bowl, and keep it very cold, it should hold for about 3-4 hours. Longer than that and it can start to separate.

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  • I want to experiment with a cream pie with a nonbaked filling (containing whipped cream, thickened with gelatine - basically a flavored diplomat cream). But for aesthetical reasons, as well as a better crust-to-filling ratio, I want to try it with a lattice. But I don't have much experience with double-crust pies, so I am not sure how to make it. My first idea is to blindbake the double crust, then remove the "weights" and get the filling somehow into the pie. I normally use white beans as weights. But I am not sure how I can get them out without breaking the lattice, as they are quite

  • Here in NZ you can buy "cream". It does not even say "single" or "double" or "whipping". I do know however it can be whipped in to a nice thick cream. Lots of recipes/sauces call for "double cream" what is the difference and how can I make cream into "double" cream or is their anything else I can add that will result in the same taste ?

  • be the problem? How can she get whipped-cream to stay hard like it used to? Exact brands and variations used: ... years later, she cannot seem to make whipped-cream anymore. She still uses the same bowl, same mixer, same whipping-cream (Nutriwhip whipping-cream) and does everything the same way as she used... made me try by hand once!) She has tried a different brands of cream (35% Beatrice and Lactancia whipping-creams), but gets the same results. One time, I tried adding the powdered sugar after whipping

  • of sponge cake with sauce, Diplomat cream and amarena cherries on top. The problem is that I won't have time the day we eat the cake (Saturday) and the day before (Friday), so I need to make it in advance. I'm thinking of preparing the sponge cake, cherry sauce and chocolate mousse on Thursday and build the bottom layers and put it in the freezer. I can make the Diplomat cream on Friday morning... it with the whipped cream on Saturday? Can the cake and the mousse wait for two days?

  • I made some chocolate cream frosting / ganache (basically just double / heavy cream with plain / bittersweet chocolate, melted and whipped up). I ended up with twice as much as I need. Can I freeze it or will I simply have to eat it all (oh, the hardship)?

  • If you whip mayonnaise too long and ruin it, you can restart with a new yolk and reuse the ruined mayonnaise. Is there a similar way to rescue whipped cream that has been whipped too long?

  • I made a home made no bake cheesecake tonight. The cream would not thicken so I added extra gelatin. Is it safe to eat? How long can I keep it in the fridge? The ingredients are: 1 egg white sugar sour cream double cream cream cheese lemon juice 2 sachets of powdered gelatin It's been in the fridge for 3 hours. It has set, but I'm not sure if it's safe to eat because of the extra gelatin powder.

  • I have no experience at all with brik dough. This is a very thin and fragile dough that's mostly used for frying and baking. Once the package is opened it should be used as the dough dries out really fast. My question is how long after cooking does it stay crisp? Or can you re-crisp it if it becomes soggy?

  • Let's say I whip a bowl of cream manually at a slow paced ~3-4 beats per second. The cream would be ready whipped after say 10-15 minutes. Then I whip an identical bowl of cream at a faster pace... into whipped cream? (maybe butter, but let's leave that out of the equation). I guess it boils down to a somewhat obscured question about the chemistry and mechanics behind the cream whipping, which governs how fast cream turns into whipped cream. Cheers

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