How to substitute oranges in a mango mousse recipe?

  • How to substitute oranges in a mango mousse recipe? Divi

    I'm looking for a recipe for orange mousse without eggs, but hopefully with gelatine. I've tried to search for some recipes on google but didn't really find anything too good. I have a very delicious recipe for mango mousse that I found on google that I've tried a lot of times. It would be great if someone could guide me with substituting it with orange rind/juice. I know that Orange recipes can become a bit bitter if not handled properly.

    Here's the Mango mousse recipe, which is a part of a mango mousse cake.

    • 450 gr. mango
    • 75 gr. sugar
    • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
    • 3 1/2 teaspoons gelatin
    • 500 ml. heavy cream.

    Puree the mango flesh with the sugar and lemon juice. Strain to remove fiber from mango. Put one third of the mango puree into the pot and stir in the gelatin. Let the gelatin soften, and warm over low heat, stirring until dissolves. Remove and add remaining mango puree, and allow to cool. While cooling, whip the cream. Stir in mango into the whipped cream, transfer into containers and chill.

  • you could try googling a mouse recipe using marshmellows. I know they exist and are egg free. I have never tried one myself but heard of them.

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