How to Make Canned Coconut Milk Separate

James L
  • How to Make Canned Coconut Milk Separate James L

    My friend wants to make coconut milk separate so that she can use the cream for whipping. Can anyone suggest a way of accomplishing this?

    Edited to add: I asked her to confirm that it was full-fat and she said 'yes, I'm not that dumb'. She's storing it at room temperature (rather hot lately in NYC lately) but is going to try chilling it to see what happens.

  • Put the can in the fridge overnight or for a few hours. After it's sufficiently cold the cream will be on top and the water on the bottom. Just make sure not to shake the can when you remove it from the fridge!

    (In a pinch pop it in the freezer but not for too long or else the can will warp due to the water expansion.)

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