Can you make strawberry extract at home?

  • Can you make strawberry extract at home? Mien

    I know you can make vanilla extract, using vodka and vanilla pods. But can you replace the vanilla pods by pieces of strawberry? I'm not sure whether the vodka would absorb the strawberry flavour, but if it works, I think I could give some desserts that extra punch.

  • Some essences and herbs need alcohol to be extracted, but not strawberries.

    Extracts from berries can be made in the pressure cooker, to later turn into syrups or jellies. Here's a step-by-step photos and instructions on how to do it.

    You could then mix the syrup with vodka, instead of mineral water as in the recipe, to make a strawberry cocktail.

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  • they give a single ratio. I can't meet this ratio always, but I want to know what the acceptable range is. So: what is the lower bound of vanilla per ml of vodka so that below that bound, the extract...? I want to know these bounds so I can adjust the vodka a bit whenever I add more vanilla beans. ...I am extremely bad at getting the seeds out of my vanilla beans. So I started putting the "used" beans (which still have at least 1/3 of their seeds) in a small jar with some vodka, and using

  • I tried making my own vanilla extract a few months ago. Normally, it should be pretty dark (almost black). Mine isn't, as you can see: (full-size image) What I did was (after sterilizing it) filling a 250 ml (about a cup) bottle with vodka. I also cut up some (mostly seeded) vanilla pods, I think 4-5. My guess is that there isn't enough vanilla in it. I'm planning on putting some more in. Is that the proper way to save this half-extract? Are there any downsides to adding new pods now?

  • As recipes using vanilla seeds often request the pod to be chucked in the pot, I'm thinking there must be no unappealing flavors in the pod itself. I've seen vanilla pastes for sale but they seem to be a mix of the extract and the seeds. So what about blending up used pods with a bit of liquid (vodka?)? Tasteless?

  • Most of the recipes and guides I have read for making vanilla extract say to use cheap vodka or whatever is available; however, if I am going to have it on my shelf for the next few years, I want to make the best extract I possibly can. Is there any benefit to using good vodka over the cheap stuff, or am I throwing my money away? Also, I don't drink, so I have no idea what the best Vodka is. I did some searching and the consensus seems to be that Russian Standard, Grey Goose, and Skyy are the top 3 mid-range vodkas. What do you recommend?

  • This question has answers which explain the difference between vanilla essence and vanilla extract, and which tell you when you may want one over the other - if I am correct in thinking that "vanilla essence" is the same as "vanilla flavouring"? My question is - in baking where colour is not an issue, how do I substitute one for the other? For example in a recipe that asked for 1tsp of extract, how much essence would I use in it's place?

  • I have used some vanilla pods that I bought on a farm in Mauritius to make crème anglaise. Because the pods are a bit special, I have fished them out of the cream and left them to dry. They smell as amazing as before, and they look fine. Is it likely to be safe to use them in a second recipe? Any suggestions about what to cook? (Obviously if someone says they're safe and they turn out not to be, it's my fault, not theirs!)

  • I came across this recipe for making my own vanilla extract. However, the vodka in my country isn't very cheap. So, I would like to replace it with a cheaper alternative. We discussed this in the chat room already and decided that there must be some alcohol in it and vodka works good because it's quite a neutral flavour. Anyone knows what I can substitute the vodka with?

  • I have been cooking for a while and have noticed small amount of Vanilla extract needed in cakes, cookies, muffins, even a smoothie recipe. Often times I forget the Vanilla or don't have any. What am I losing in general in a recipe without any Vanilla Extract? Then in this recipe 1 cup yogurt, 1 banana, 4-6 cups milk, 1 peach, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract what does the Vanilla add or subtract?

  • Recipes with milk and/or cream (panna cotta, ice cream, pastry cream, ...) often ask for the seeds of a vanilla pod (in Europe at least). A fair proportion of those also mention to throw the pod in the dairy as well. Since I re-use the pod afterwards (for vanilla sugar or vanilla extract), I have to clean them and I don't like to do so. Is there a real flavour difference in adding the pod as well, given that you can scrape almost all the seeds out? Do recipes just ask you to do so, because you'd get more seeds in the milk or cream, or does the pod itself give a special flavour?

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