How can I thin out my ice cream mixture?

  • How can I thin out my ice cream mixture? challen

    I'm trying to make a McFlurry/Blizzard-like dessert in my blender, but the ice cream isn't coming out at the consistency I'd like. I tried adding milk, but that didn't seem to do much. The ice cream doesn't pour well out of the blender and is kind of clumpy. Is there anything else I can try? Do different types of ice cream behave differently in a blender?

  • Start with the milk and add ice cream till you reach the desired consistency. If you want to add 'bits' start when it is about halfway to the thickness you want

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  • According to this question, guar gum and xanthan gum can be used to keep ice cream soft by preventing ice crystals and keeping the air that's been mixed in from leaving the ice cream. We have tried making one-ingredient banana "ice cream" by freezing bananas for an hour and then mixing them in a blender. It creates a yummy banana ice-cream-like pudding. (I put ice cream in quotes, since there's no actual cream.) However, if you try to freeze the results, you get a mess full of ice crystals and losing the appeal of the original dessert. Could additions like guar and xanthan gums help

  • Recipes with milk and/or cream (panna cotta, ice cream, pastry cream, ...) often ask for the seeds of a vanilla pod (in Europe at least). A fair proportion of those also mention to throw the pod in the dairy as well. Since I re-use the pod afterwards (for vanilla sugar or vanilla extract), I have to clean them and I don't like to do so. Is there a real flavour difference in adding the pod as well, given that you can scrape almost all the seeds out? Do recipes just ask you to do so, because you'd get more seeds in the milk or cream, or does the pod itself give a special flavour?

  • I started making my own ice cream this year. While the French type works quite well, I've been having trouble with American and Gelato types. I don't have an ice cream machine. I freeze small... as it was before - it turns to sweetened milk in my mouth even before I have swallowed it. So while I prefer denser ice cream, I think that some recipes were created with a lot of overrun in mind. I... machines will help with my problem. How much overrun do they produce with a typical ice cream recipe (say 2/3 3.6%, 1/3 30% cream)? Does the texture suffer from the same problems (instant melting

  • I read in Can raw eggs be frozen? that you can freeze eeg whites and use them later. I saw this suggestion about using an ice tray to make frozen egg white cubes (which makes it easier later on when you want to use a few eeg whites out of a frozen batch). My problem is, the frozen cubes won't come out of the ice tray! They seem to expand or for some reason stick to the tray very hard. I needed to melt them by running the back of the tray under hot water to get them out. Obviously I can't use any oil or anything like that in the tray to prevent sticking. Any suggestions?

  • I have two identical ice cube trays. When I twist the trays to remove ice, sometimes the whole cubes pop out perfectly, but sometimes they shatter and I get lots of shards with bits of ice stuck to the bottoms of the molds. What can I do to consistently get the whole cubes out?

  • I've been having a hankering for Rita's ice cream because I love frozen custard. It's so much richer than vanilla ice cream. I've decided to try to make it myself with this recipe. I have the Cuisinart ice cream maker to mix it in. I'd like to make a big batch (quarts or gallon size would be good) of it can anyone recommend good storage containers? I would like one with a lid because I wouldn't want the custard to smell like "freezer" or get frozen crystals on top. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks! Comments for other frozen custard recipes you've liked would be awesome too if you know of any! :)

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  • I live in New Mexico which is a dry climate. During the winter I store my ice cream bucket in the garage. While ice cream buckets that are not in use are prone to drying out, storing it in the garage certainly isn't helping. A dried out bucket cannot prevent the salt brine solution from leaking out during the freezing process. The dryness certainly is not a huge problem as I simply soak the ice cream bucket for a few days which causes the wood to swell up. I'd like to shorten the number of days I must soak the bucket before it is usable again. Is there something I can do to help keep my

  • I made this recipe today that involves making instant pudding with chocolate ice cream instead of milk. It was supposed to come out as a super chocolaty mouse but it tasted a little grainy, like not all the pudding got incorprated. I rarely use box pudding but I was thinking this could be a quick dessert to yank out if needed. Anyway, I was wondering what the best way to knock out the graininess was. Should I add some milk or just use more ice cream? The original recipe was from serious eats :

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