Is there a way to cook hot dogs in a microwave without them bursting?

  • Is there a way to cook hot dogs in a microwave without them bursting? JohnFx

    Whenever I cook hot dogs in the microwave they invariably split and/or burst open. I've tried shortening the cooking time, but haven't found a happy medium where they are thoroughly cooked, but remain unmutilated.

    Is there some trick to cooking them in a microwave without this happening?

  • Poke them with a fork in a few places. This will let the steam out in a controlled manner and prevent bursting.

    or, even better, skip the microwave and boil them in a pan over the stove.

  • Score them (cut slits in them).

  • Introduce the hot dog in a high glass of water in the microwaves.

  • I always cut a shallow incision down the whole shaft, put it in the microwave, and watch until it starts to 'bloom'. Usually 45sec-1min

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