Apple Pie in a Jar Drink

  • Apple Pie in a Jar Drink John

    I was recently out of town for a business trip and heard some people talking about some type of drink that they had at a party called Apple Pie in a Jar. I was curious if anyone else has heard of this and would know how to make it? It sounds interesting especially since I like Apple Pie.

  • Sounds like you're talking about this recipe.

    Looks like some apple juice, cider, cinnamon,sugar, and some grain alcohol.

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  • Back in 2008, Good Eats showed a recipe for pie crust which included distilled alcohol. In 2009, America's Test Kitchen showed a recipe for blueberry pie which also used alcohol in the crust. In both cases, the program explained that alcohol made the pie dough easier to work without encouraging gluten formation the way that water would. Does anyone know where the idea of using alcohol in pie crust really came from? Was this a well-known trick, or did one of these programs invent the idea?

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  • My mom will be traveling via plane this holiday season. She has a frozen apple pie. By the time she arrives at her destination (my sister's house), the pie will have thawed. Could she then cook it and refreeze it before bringing it to my house? There are too many days in-between for her to cook it at my sister's house and then leave it in the refrigerator. Please advise. Thanks!

  • I was making a pie the other day -- a mock apple pie*, to be exact, which is unusual enough. But I came up short on butter and don't keep any shortening stocked in my kitchen. Desperate, I searched online for any substitutes, including olive oil, and found a small number of hits and recipes. I ended up erring on the safe side and just made a brown sugar crumble topping, but I've been curious...? *Mock Apple Pie uses no apples, and is a carboholic's dream. It was for a themed party and I don't intend to make it often. But it's quite a fun surprise to try out on unsuspecting guests at least

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    So I just finished a jar of home-made pickles. They were excellent! Not too salty, a bit spicy, very good. They were so good that I'd like to get some more pickles out of that jar. I was thinking of pickling some eggs in that same brine. Is reusing brine ever done? Are there any reasons I shouldn't do it? I've never heard of this being done, but I don't see why not.

  • I have always enjoyed a slice of apple pie... in the morning... afternoon... and after dinner. Or anytime actually. And as such, I had to learn to bake my own apple pie to satisfy my deep affinity with them. When I bake apple pies, I make sure to use the best apples I can find. I typically always go for Honey Crisp for its sweetness/slight tang and firmness to stand up to the baking... of the apple so I get crescent shaped slices. I have alway had success with my pie and I'm actually quite proud of it. Recently however, I shared a slice with one of my roommates. He enjoyed it but he

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