What herbs would be effective in Pizza dough?

  • What herbs would be effective in Pizza dough? suhaim

    I have had very good luck making pizza dough in my bread maker and have started adding some spices such as chilli flakes and italian seasoning in the dough itself. I can taste the heat from the chilli flakes, I dont really taste much from the Italian seasoning. Are there any other spices anyone recommends?

  • You could try flavoured oils instead; I have oregano and garlic infused olive oil (that I usually use on salads or on risotto).

    If you insist on fresh/dried I'd try thyme and/or rosemary. Give them a good chopping/bashing before hand to release thier oils and flavour.

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  • I've been making pizza dough for years, and recently found that I have a gluten allergy, and can no longer eat wheat flour! Very sad news, indeed. So... I bought Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza dough mix, which has a bit of xantham gum in it, and serval kinds of flour (rice flour, tapioca, flour, corn flour, etc). The dough itself was difficult to work with, a bit crumbly, and not as stretchy as I would like. I know that the "stretch" I'm talking about truly come from gluten, but is there anything I can add, to help with the consistency? The flavor was perfect, and the calzones were

  • , but most takeaway pizza places do something similar. The base is usually covered in quite a bit of cornmeal. I have tried all sorts of ways, plain flour, strong bread flour, extra strong bread flour, more oil, less oil, drier dough, wetter dough etc. and I've have always kneaded well for at least 12 minutes. My base turns out soft but always comes apart really easily, far from the chewy and stretchy nature of a typical takeaway base. I do not have a pizza oven, my oven can only reach a maximum of 250C. So does anybody know the secret to a good takeaway style base?

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  • Every time I bake camembert in bread dough, I do a bad job of enveloping. Usually, I make a thin dough circle (like a pizza base) with diameter somewhat less than three times the camembert's diameter. I put the camembert in the middle and the herbs, nuts and spices evenly on top of the camembert. Then I gather the dough sides up and make a bundle. I roll the bundle between my hands until...) crust around the cheese. So for dinner today, I decided to improve. I formed a camembert sized concave dough shell. I put the camembert into the shell, put the spices on top, then made a camembert

  • Last time I made pizza dough I was a bit...generous with the ingredients - not a problem, I thought, as I'd read before somewhere that pizza dough is nicely freezable. So, I broke the dough in half, sealed up one piece and placed it in the freezer - this was done immediately after kneading, with no time given for rising. Now I've got a frozen lump of pizza dough in the freezer, and I'm not sure... should I leave it in the fridge first? Or, is it better left somewhere warm through the entire defrost to help fire up the yeast? Or have I "done it wrong" and may as well dump this particular piece?

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    Possible Duplicate: How to throw a pizza dough? When I make my pizza dough and let it rise for about two hours, I then shape the dough for the round pizza pie. I have tried numerous times to toss it in the air and spin it on my fist to get the shape but to no avail. My dough just rips, and its easier for me to just shape it on the counter. Whats the trick to this?? Is the problem my actual dough?

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  • I have found a low-carb pizza dough recipe where you add 6oz of Cream Cheese and 6 eggs to make the dough (also includes some garlic, spices, and cheese). The recipe claims to be deep-dish, but I just can't see this recipe working out, or tasting good. I would like some feedback on this, because I really don't have much time when I come home to cook, so if I make it and it doesn't turn out right, I won't have much of a backup plan.

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