How long should I wait until I put new jars in?

wax eagle
  • How long should I wait until I put new jars in? wax eagle

    Currently canning some banana peppers. I have a large stock pot set up with a 3 jar canning rack. I just finished a round of jars in the stock pot and the water was boiling. How cool should I let the water get before I put the next round of jars in to start heating up? I don't want to break my jars by putting them into the pot when its too hot.

    I realize this is an inefficient way to do this, but I don't have another pot big enough to heat my jars (the only other one that is close currently has my hot vinegar solution in it).

  • Preheat the jars with hot tap water, and then just dump them in the boiling water (with tongs or other appropriate utensil, of course).

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