How to make an apple pie like KFC/McDonalds?

  • How to make an apple pie like KFC/McDonalds? evilReiko

    I'm trying to figure out to make an apple pie like KFC/McDonalds, something crispy and delicious, such as one of these:


    (above - McDonald's Apple Pie)


    (above - KFC Apple Pie)

    I do not want the consistency of a typical homemade or store-bought apple pie, such as the one below:

    Apple Pie

    What is the difference between the first two pies and the last? What do I need to know in order to make the crisp, gooey pies in the first two photos?

  • McDonald's' et al pies are essentially fried pies, a feature of Southern US cooking, adapted for cooking in fast food facilities. A Google search for 'fried apple pie recipes' turns up plenty of results. Try this:

pie restaurant-mimicry
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