What effect does rinsing have on blueberries?

  • What effect does rinsing have on blueberries? KatieK

    If I rinse fresh blueberries before I eat them, does that wash off the antioxidants? Why would washing blueberries before freezing them cause tougher-skinned berries?

  • The antioxidants in blueberries lie in the berries themselves, not in the pesticides residing on their skin.

    Washing them before freezing means that water freezes on the outside. The water crystals puncture the skins of the berries, changing the texture.

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  • I buy organic blueberries which come in a little plastic container. I like to wash them and put them in a tupperware container. After I wash them I place them between some paper towels to let them dry, but they take forever to dry this way. Is there a better way to this?

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  • This question has been asked before but only with respect to washing a small container. We have a friend who runs fruit stands in the summer and we typically get 10 pounds of blueberries at a time from him. Before freezing or eating, they need to be washed, and I always struggle to find an efficient way to get rid of the squished berries, the stems, the leaves, etc. I'll post what I do as an answer, but I wonder if there is a better way, or some equipment that would make it easier.

  • In the summer, I often make a refrigerated blueberry pie. The recipe calls for a graham cracker crust, and you make the filling by cooking one pint of blueberries with one cup of sugar and 3 tablespoons on cornstarch on the stove until the mixture becomes thick. It's then poured into the crust, and topped with another pint of fresh blueberries, and chilled until it's firm. The flavor of the blueberries is delicious, but I always find that there's a pronounced corn starch flavor that detracts from the simplicity of the pie. How could I change the recipe or the technique to decrease

  • I tried this recipe with good results. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/blueberry-coffee-cake-muffins-recipe/index.html So I decided to make plain vanilla muffins using the same recipe except for adding blueberries. However, the texture was not the same - I am guessing this is because of the reduced moisture content from the missing blueberries. Can someone please guide me as to what I should modify to make up for the reduced moisture (assuming that is the cause)? Many thanks

  • My neighbor brought over a fresh batch of blueberries. Some are sweet and some are sour. He told us to come over and pick some whenever we wanted, but I don't know the right time to pick them so that they taste the best. Any advice?

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