substitute for Dijon mustard

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  • Possible Duplicate: Parsley substitute So I'm currently living in Thailand and I'd like to try and make some of the Italian-American dishes I grew up loving. Most of the necessary ingredients are present and accounted for, except parsley. I haven't seen parsley anywhere. So what are some possible substitutes common to south east Asia that I can look for?

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  • Can I substitute a small amount of say, hot english mustard for Dijon, or is there some other alternative. (Of course I will get some soon, but right now i have none, and was wondering if i can make do with something else)

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  • The instructions for the basting sauce I tried to make called for heating olive oil, butter, Dijon mustard, vinegar, and pepper and then whisking together until smooth. I heated the oil, added the butter to melt, and then added the mustard. I skipped the vinegar. When I added the mustard, it turned into tiny clumps and no amount of whisking would get it incorporated. What did I do wrong? I don't think it was leaving out the vinegar; could it have been that?

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