Do rice cookers bake good cakes?

  • Do rice cookers bake good cakes? O.O

    The new rice cooker I bought shows that it can bake a cake--like a sponge cake--in a rice cooker. I have also read that cakes turn out misshapen when made in a rice cooker. I've never baked a cake before and don't know too much about it, so using the new rice cooker to bake it is tempting.

    My definition of good:

    • Not misshapen
    • Doesn't taste bad
    • is like a cake that is baked normally (not in a rice cooker)


  • I haven't done it myself, but since the "goodness" of a cake is largely subjective, I think you should try it and see what happens.

    Be scientific about it: if you don't like it, change a variable and try again.

    A cursory search on youtube might also help. Here is one I found: Zojirushi Mother's Day Cake

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