How can I make my Ice Cream "creamier"

  • How can I make my Ice Cream "creamier" BarrettJ

    My ice cream doesn't feel creamy enough. I got the recipe from Good Eats, and I can't tell if it's just the recipe or maybe that I'm just not getting my "batter" cold enough before I try to make it (I let it chill overnight in the refrigerator, but it doesn't always come out of the machine looking like "soft serve" as he said on the show - it's usually a little thinner).



  • More fat!

    Your recipe has two dairy components (half and half and whipping cream). The half and half is half cream, half milk. To increase the fat, experiment with using more cream and less half and half.

  • Try churning longer, making sure that your churn container is thoroughly frozen.

  • Eggs!

    Try a recipe with eggs (especially freshly plucked from the chickens you have living in your back yard as we do). My wife and I discovered this butter pecan recipe a few months ago and were quite pleased. We subsequently tried a chocolate recipe with eggs (as well as melted chocolate instead of powdered) and were quite pleased with that as well. Better than previous batches made sans egg.

  • Check to make sure that your running it long enough, and also that your container is cold enough at the start. If it's too thin, likely you're not getting the ice cream cold enough while churning.

    • Make sure you put the container in the back of your freezer (often a little colder back there).
    • If it's still getting firmer, let it keep churning, you might just not be there yet.
    • Lower the temperature in the freezer (or use a deep freeze if you have one), to better chill the container.
    • Remove the container from the freezer at the last possible second.

  • If you've got a frozen bowl type ice cream churn (like a Kitchen Aid) then the unwritten rule is to nearly freeze your batter before churning.

    I like to keep the batter in the freezer until crystals form on top. Then I'll take it out, and give it a good stir to raise the temperature just a wee bit to break up those crystals.

    Then, and only then do I take the churning bowl out of the freezer.

    There is enough "cold" in the bowl to absorb the latent heat of fusion, but not if you have to drop the temperature 5-10 degrees before it freezes.

  • simply use 2 cups of cream & only 1 cup of WHOLE milk. this should help. make sure freezer bowl is SOLID, no loose liquid inside.

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