How do you prepare and grill blackened salmon?

Ben McCormack
  • How do you prepare and grill blackened salmon? Ben McCormack

    I've never grilled blackened salmon before, but is there anything more involved than simply sprinkling blackened seasoning on both sides and grilling it for 5-7 minutes on each side?

  • That's all there is to it. It seems you already know this, but just to be sure, be aware that "blackened" refers to the spice and not any burning or charring that is done. Burnt spices taste horrendous.

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  • I accidentally used plastic wrap instead of foil wrap over the salmon in the toaster oven. There was a flame. When i checked the salmon, the cling wrap was gone. Did it melt into thge salmon? Is the salmon safe to eat?

  • I am always ultra paranoid about cooking food properly - especially fish. I have started buying frozen salmon. On the packet it says to cook from frozen covered with some water in the microwave. I wanted to make some salmon pasta so I prepared a white sauce (with onion,garlic,flower,water,button,milk,wine,herbs,etc), half cooked the salmon in the microwave then cut off the silver bit, cut it into chunks and chucked the chunks into the sauce to cook for a while. Is this ok or should I make sure the salmon is completely cooked before adding it to the sauce?

  • So, I have this jarred salmon here, caught up in Montana in 2010 I believe, cooked (not sure how) and sealed in a mason jar since. I opened the jar yesterday and tried a bit of the salmon on saltines. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it smelled and looked good upon opening the jar, nothing like the canned salmon you find in stores. Anyway, there's a bunch of salmon left, and I'm not sure how long it will keep, and I don't want to eat it all on crackers. So, I figured I'd make either salmon patties or salmon dip, and, not being completely decided, I picked up ingredients for both

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    I am going to make Gravlax and found the following recipe: Ingredient list: 2 or 3 salmon fillets, deboned with skin on 2 lemon... 1: I am assuming that by "mills" he means milliliters. It seems highly unlikely that it could mean anything else, but I hate guessing. Does anybody know for sure? Question 2: By "2 or 3 salmon fillets", does he mean 2-3 whole sides of salmon, or 2-3 portion-sized pieces of salmon fillet? Judging by the amount of salt and sugar (assuming of course that I am right in thinking that "mills

  • I want to buy a whole piece of fresh salmon, head to tail intact, and fillet it. Is there a technique that can be shared for a novice?

  • Today someone at work described eating a delicious halibut taco. I've never had one before but it sounds awesome, so I'm going to try to make one some time this week (but since I have a lot of salmon in stock, I'm going to make it with salmon instead of halibut). I'd rather not grind the fish - ground fish does not sound like something that's too interesting to eat. So, I was thinking I'll just... with friends and family. However this is not something I've done before. I know fish breaks apart quite easily when cut into small bits, so is it even possible to preserve "fish-cubes" in a frying pan

  • I intend to cook some salmon fish over this weekend so that I can treat my friends and relatives. However, I saw this article -, it mention about the hidden danger of uncooked salmon. So, my question is how should I cook my salmon such that it is cooked properly? (in other words, how can I identify that my salmon fish is not cooked well. Of course, I don't want my salmon fish to become so cooked that it turn into a black ash.) Would appreciate if there are pictures showing a well-cooked salmon fish and pictures

  • Like the title says, got a couple questions about the fish I just caught... Firstly, is there anyway to confirm what type of fish this is? 'Ordinary salmon' or 'trout salmon'? Lastly, does it differ much in taste from 'ordinary' salmon? I want to search for some good Salmon recipes but I want to be sure I'm looking at the right recipes for the right fish. Cheers.

  • When I cooked salmon filets on the grill last night, after the filets had been on the grill for a while, I noticed that the salmon secreted through the surface of the filet a white liquidy substance that looked sort of like mayonaise or ranch dressing. What is it and why does it come out during cooking?

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