How to store homemade pasta

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    When I prepare homemade egg pasta (tagliatelle, fettuccine, spaghetti, etc), which is the better way to store it?

    I used to keep it in a cotton cloth, but sometimes it becomes moldy.

  • I always freeze my leftover fresh pasta. I lay it flat on a cookie sheet, place it in the freezer for a couple of hours, and then when it is frozen I transfer it into a Tupperware container. I always use a rigid container instead of freezer bag as the bag does not protect against breakage when the pasta is moved around in the freezer.

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  • I make a fair amount of homemade pasta (Mostly Tagliatelle or Linguine), and I tend to cook it fresh, rather than drying it and cooking from dry; however, it tends to clump and stick together in the pan when cooking. What can I do to minimise this, and make my homemade pasta behave a little more like store bought fresh pasta? For reference, I'm using a fairly standard recipe of one egg per 100g of 'OO' flour; and I add salt and a little olive oil to the pan when cooking, as well as following all the normal steps that give successful results with store bought pasta - Could it be that I'm

  • I have a very simple recipe for homemade pasta dough (one egg to 100g flour, some oil), and found this worked great on my first small batch. I mixed it in a stand mixer and immediately rolled it out, using lots of flour to keep things from sticking. It was a bit thick, but I chalk that up to inexperience. On my second batch I made slightly more dough and split it into four balls before rolling each one out. The first two I rolled out almost right away, cut and shaped the pasta, and threw on a plate with some flour until I got around to cooking it. I left the last two balls of dough sitting

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  • When cooking pasta, there are a couple of techniques that I like to follow--individually they yield great results, but when combined they interfere with one another to produce an inferior product. Salting the pasta water. I've learned this trick some time ago and it has been critical to producing the best-tasting pasta. I really want the pasta to be the point of the dish, with the sauce an accompaniment, and the getting salt in the water from the start is the way I get the best flavor in my pasta. In fact, I find that salting the water quite generously works very well as long as I am

  • I sometimes cook more pasta than I intend to eat or use at once and store the rest in a container in the fridge (just plain, cooked pasta). How long would it store safely for?

  • Possible Duplicate: How can I keep pasta from sticking to itself? We have a spaghetti dinner at our church and the problem is is that we don't mix it in with sauce because some don't want sauce others don't want a lot of sauce some do. So my question is after I cook the pasta I put it in a colander to drain and it sets till ready to put in hotel pan on the steam table, however by then it's stuck together, how can I keep this from happening or how do I keep it from happening?

  • I am thinking about getting a pasta maker. Of course it takes more time to make your own pasta but it seems like it would be fun and nutritious. What are the real advantages to making your own pasta from scratch with a pasta maker, as opposed to using store-bought pasta?

  • Tomorrow I'll be making a big batch of fresh pasta for about 7-8 people. I know that if I'm using dried or bought fresh pasta, I usually count on about 125-150g per person, depending on the pasta type and whether it is dried or fresh. When making pasta dough I will add eggs to my flour weight. Should I just approximate the total weight, and again count on 125-150g per person? Or will the weight change while I am cooking? For instance, if I have 1kg durum flour and 16 eggs, the raw ingredients would weigh approximately 1.8kg in total (based on 50g per egg and not allowing for any

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