How to quickly make refried beans (or thereabouts) using Kidney beans?

  • How to quickly make refried beans (or thereabouts) using Kidney beans? glenneroo

    I've been trying for awhile now to make a bean-like paste for burritos/nachos/etc. akin to Refried Beans I so enjoyed while living in North America. What I've got so far isn't half bad, but I'd really like to improve on this, if possible.

    Here's how I do it now:

    1. Empty beans into strainer; wash with cold water.
    2. Put beans into pan slightly under water and bring to boil.
    3. Lightly simmer until beans come out of their shells.
    4. Turn heat down to min; Drain off 3/4 of the water.
    5. Mash mash mash away.
    6. Add spices and mix; let water burn evaporate until consistency is to my liking.

    NOTE: I only recently added steps 2-4 in an attempt at mashing the shells better. It has not helped. If I remove those steps, the entire process takes maybe 10 minutes (= happy stomachs :)

    No matter how much or long I cook and/or mash the beans (while adding water), the skin never quite "liquidizes" so there are these annoying strainy-blobs that everyone complains about.

    I usually use Red and White Kidney Beans or some kind of baked beans in tomato sauce, simply because I don't have to cook them at all i.e. I can eat them out of the can and they taste good :) Perhaps that logic is bad and I should be using other beans (assuming I can find them here) ?

  • I normally use a can of black beans, just because I prefer the taste better but I'm sure kidney beans would work just as well. I then drain off a large majority of the liquid that they are packaged with. I do save a small amount of the liquid for later. I then add the beans into a food processor and leave them in there until they have a smooth consistency. Sometimes I have to stop it and take a rubber spatula to the sides if some beans didn't get incorporated. During its time in the food processor I add the leftover liquid to help get it smooth. After it is done I just empty it into a bowl and add some cheese since I use it as a bean dip. I just heat it up in the microwave, but I am sure it would work as a filler of burritos and the like. Hopefully this makes sense. =)

  • This isn't the "quick" nor the healthy answer, but I personally do a twice-cooked system. I leave the juice from the can in the mix, and boil it down, which takes 15 minutes or so. Retaining the flavor of the canned fluid is essential, in my opinion.

    Then I "fry" the dry-ish mixture which is beginning to separate in maybe 1 tbsp preheated lard per can of beans, stirring a lot at first. Lastly, very slightly simmer this on low heat for 1 hour or so, stirring occasionally. Flavor is awesome. Any kinds of beans can be prepared in this way, and it is similar (varying on oil and legume variety) to other paste concoctions created elsewhere.. such as in the middle east.

    Note that this method negates the need for lots of "mashing". So, if you're more looking for less effort, than necessarily for "quick".. this could be your answer :)

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