using medium chilli powder instead of kashmiri chillis, what ratio should be used?

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  • using medium chilli powder instead of kashmiri chillis, what ratio should be used? Mild Fuzz

    I have a recipe for making a madras, and it suggests substituting chilli powder for the chilli's, but doesn't suggest how.

    Wondering of anyone can give me a pointer as to what ratio to use?

  • I've been growing a variety of chilis recently and have experimented with drying several varieties. By best, Mk. I eyeball guess is that the dried flesh occupies between 1/2 and 1/4 the volume of the fully hydrated flesh.

    So I'd shoot for approximately 1/3 as much (by volume) dried chili as fresh (assuming that you are comparing to finely chopped fresh chili, because the dried stuff does not retain the shape of the original).

    Of course for small thin chilis that you can dry whole (like the little Thai reds) the substitution is one dried chili plus some moisture equals 1 fresh chili.

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