What do I do with all this cheese?

Tom A
  • What do I do with all this cheese? Tom A

    Last week, a friend helped us out with a trip to Costco (long story, we didn't have time to cook, or grocery shop for a couple of days), and while she got us some really good stuff, one of the things I'm questioning is the purchase of a package of american cheese. Can anyone suggest what to do with 120 slices of cheese? We don't eat this often, and our church isn't having any bbq's anytime soon, so we're kinda at a loss as to what we should do with all this. Thanks.

  • Buy the packaged crescent rolls and roll a slice of cheese in each roll before you bake it...just in time for Thanksgiving! Alternately, you can roll it with a slice of meat and mini flat breads for a quick snack.

  • The first thing that comes to mind: Mac & Cheese. Combine, melt, mix and you've got enough to feed your entire congregation :>)

  • To answer the question -- grilled cheese.

    To not answer the question -- freeze it. My neighbor has an account at BJ's (another similar wholesale club), and she buys it, then freezes it in more managable portions, and just thaws it out in her fridge as she needs it. I can't do American cheese (dairy issues), so I don't know if there's any loss of quality from the freezing, but I'm guessing in melted applications such as grilled cheese, it'd be less significant.

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