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  • pan to bake a pound cake Marlene

    I have a recipe for pound cake that I love, but I make it in a tube pan. I would like to make it in a 9x13 oblong pan, but don't know how long the cake should bake or if the recipe I use in the tube pan would fit into the oblong pan. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Will it will fit is an easy one. Go here:
    All but the biggest tube pan is less volume than a 9X13X2 pan.

    As for how long it will bake- I don't have the ability to compute the exact new bake time; however, the rectangular pan will produce a thinner cake so the baking time will be reduced.

    I would put it in for 3/4 the recipe time and then start checking it at 10 minutes intervals.

  • I know you said you wanted to put it in a 9x13, but if you are just looking for 'something more rectangular', I have had really good luck switching from a tube pan to a standard bread pan. The cooking time actually increased by a few minutes.

    It gives me nice 'square' pound cake that I can slice or cut up for other uses.

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