salmon + microwave = BLAM, any suggestions?

  • salmon + microwave = BLAM, any suggestions? bmargulies

    Salmon fillets tend to go 'pop' and spatter bits of themselves around the container in the microwave. Anyone got a procedure that discourages this?

  • Besides not microwaving it? Cover your filets with a paper towel, it will catch any exploding bits.

    Seriously though, it shouldn't take but 6-8 minutes to sear a refrigerated salmon filet in a hot pan. Do this, your taste buds will thank you.

  • You can simulate steaming in a microwave. First defrost the salmon. Put it in a glass dish. Put some soy sauce on the bottom of the dish, say half a cm deep. Add some chopped ginger. Cover the dish with plastic wrap. Microwave for 5 minutes or so. Tastes great and healthly too.

  • Yeah. Don't use the microwave. Yes, the tool is useful for certain things--defrosting, reheating, or indeed making french fries (per a lovely blog). It is categorically not useful for cooking from raw. Use a pan, your oven, or a grill.

  • My suggestion would be to cook en papillote, (wrapped in partchment) such as in this recipe. There is no shame using a microwave for serious culinary endeavors as long as you don't ask it to do what it can't do.

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  • I am always ultra paranoid about cooking food properly - especially fish. I have started buying frozen salmon. On the packet it says to cook from frozen covered with some water in the microwave. I wanted to make some salmon pasta so I prepared a white sauce (with onion,garlic,flower,water,button,milk,wine,herbs,etc), half cooked the salmon in the microwave then cut off the silver bit, cut it into chunks and chucked the chunks into the sauce to cook for a while. Is this ok or should I make sure the salmon is completely cooked before adding it to the sauce?

  • I generally bake cakes in a microwave (because I don't have an oven) and all of them have a spongy texture. Is there any non-oven method where my cake has a little bakery style cake like structure?

  • I accidentally used plastic wrap instead of foil wrap over the salmon in the toaster oven. There was a flame. When i checked the salmon, the cling wrap was gone. Did it melt into thge salmon? Is the salmon safe to eat?

  • So, I have this jarred salmon here, caught up in Montana in 2010 I believe, cooked (not sure how) and sealed in a mason jar since. I opened the jar yesterday and tried a bit of the salmon on saltines. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it smelled and looked good upon opening the jar, nothing like the canned salmon you find in stores. Anyway, there's a bunch of salmon left, and I'm not sure how long it will keep, and I don't want to eat it all on crackers. So, I figured I'd make either salmon patties or salmon dip, and, not being completely decided, I picked up ingredients for both

  • I cater and cook foods for clients. Recently I have a new client and I deliver the food all precooked and ready to eat. They may not eat for another hour or more after I deliver the food. Example of one meal: Herb-roasted new potatoes, roasted asparagus, and baked/roasted salmon. What is the best way to reheat or warm up these dishes in a microwave? (I ask this because they are in their late 80's and early 90's and trying to use the oven hasn't proved successful without either overcooking the food or not getting it hot enought to enjoy.)

  • In the past, I would frequently cook (in the oven) 6+ lbs (3+ kg) of salmon fillets (usually took ~25 min) to an internal temp of 145-150 F (62.5-65 C), take them out, let them set on the counter for an hour or two, and then throw them in vacuum-sealed bags and into the freezer. Then, when I wanted to eat one, I'd take it out and throw it in the microwave. Understandably not the tastiest thing, but it worked well enough. I've never tried it with meat, only fish. As far asI know this never made me sick. Now, all of the sous vide literature emphasizes a rapid chill in an ice water bath if you

  • Today someone at work described eating a delicious halibut taco. I've never had one before but it sounds awesome, so I'm going to try to make one some time this week (but since I have a lot of salmon in stock, I'm going to make it with salmon instead of halibut). I'd rather not grind the fish - ground fish does not sound like something that's too interesting to eat. So, I was thinking I'll just... fish-cubes (or just any general advice about how to prepare a salmon for a fish taco) please let me know.

  • Ambiguities in Gravlax recipe Henrik Söderlund

    I am going to make Gravlax and found the following recipe: Ingredient list: 2 or 3 salmon fillets, deboned with skin on 2 lemon... 1: I am assuming that by "mills" he means milliliters. It seems highly unlikely that it could mean anything else, but I hate guessing. Does anybody know for sure? Question 2: By "2 or 3 salmon fillets", does he mean 2-3 whole sides of salmon, or 2-3 portion-sized pieces of salmon fillet? Judging by the amount of salt and sugar (assuming of course that I am right in thinking that "mills

  • I recently was given a Corningware Microwave Browner as a gift, which looks very cool and promising, but I have not tried it yet. It seems to me a special apparatus such as this would be necessary for browning in a microwave, because the default conditions inside one are quite far from what is needed for the Maillard reaction. It got me to thinking: Are there any sure-fire ways to brown meats in a microwave? I don't necessarily need to know how to cook the meat from raw; I'm thinking more about the dry-rubbed steak I grilled last night becoming soggy when I try to reheat it at work

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