What olive is a good taste substitute for Kalamata?

Tobias Op Den Brouw
  • What olive is a good taste substitute for Kalamata? Tobias Op Den Brouw

    I am aware that wikipedia has a nice list of olive varieties including tastes (sometimes). However, I'd prefer a considered answer, so this is the place.

    I'm looking to substitute based on taste, not looks, as my local supermarket has messed with its Kalamatas and I don't find them nice anymore.

    Googling indicates Gaeta, Amphissa, Nicoise, but it's an ambiguous mess.

    I use a vinegar + brine-cured variant. What is the closest taste approximation?

  • Flavor-wise Nicoise and Kalamatas are somewhat close, probably the closest most readily accesible substitute for most people.

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