What is the difference between white and brown eggs?

  • What is the difference between white and brown eggs? shsteimer

    I always use brown extra large eggs, but I can't honestly say why I do this other than habit at this point. Are there any distinct advantages or disadvantages like flavor, shelf life, etc?

  • The Egg Nutrition Center's FAQ page has an entry on this very topic. Basically, the color of the egg does not affect the egg's flavor, nutritional value, etc. It simply depends on the particular breed of chicken that lays the egg -- white eggs from white hens, brown eggs from brown hens.

    It's also worth noting, as the ENC points out:

    Generally, brown hens are larger and require more feed and therefore their eggs may be slightly higher priced.

  • The only difference you might notice would be if you free range eggs instead of factory farm eggs. There is a slight yolk color difference and I think a slightly better flavor. Mine come in a range of colors including green, brown, and white.

  • There difference between white and brown eggs is purely cosmetic. There is no nutritional or taste difference.

    Brown eggs, IMO, look cooler, though. ;-)

  • Cosmetic only, based on the breed of the chicken. When I was growing up we had some South American AracaƱa chickens. Besides being able to fly, the two hens laid pale yellow and green eggs. Kind of like pre-colored Easter eggs!

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